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*Do not Register Your Alarm if you received a letter from us. Please use the login credentials provided on the notice and login from the Home page.

Commercial / Residential Permit Registration Fee: $35.00

Commercial / Residential Annual Permit Renewal Fee: $35.00

$100.00 penalty fee for unregistered alarm systems

One of the recommendations in the Police Department’s Master Plan, approved by council in 2013, was to implement changes to the department’s policy to reduce the amount of time spent responding to false alarms. The police department worked with the local alarm business community as well as the national nonprofit Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) to address the problem.

The alarm companies recommended instituting annual alarm permit fees as a method of insuring alarms are installed and maintained properly. They also recommended implementing fines for repeated false alarms and eventual suspension of police response to chronic alarms. 

The goal of the ordinance change is to reduce false alarms through education, progressive fines, and suspension of response. The police department will not suspend response to panic or robbery alarms. The ordinance does not affect fire, carbon monoxide or medical alarms.

If you need assistance or would like to register over the phone please contact us at 888-865-9770.

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